Copyright Design and Patent Act 1988

Intellectual Property, Design and Copyright

(a) All goods manufactured and supplied by the Company are protected by Design and International Copyright Laws – see Copyright Design and Patent Act 1988
(b) All rights are reserved by the Company and Copyright and Design owners.
(c) Any infringement of the Company’s intellectual property rights which results in the copying or part copying of the Company’s products will result in the commencement of legal action against the offending company or individual or group of individuals through the English courts. Recovery of legal and court fees and costs is possible if the litigation is successful.

The penalties for infringement can be substantial. In civil actions brought by the copyright owner, the court may order forfeiture and/or destruction not only of all infringing articles, but also of any implements used to manufacture the infringing articles. The court may even order seizure and impoundment of such articles prior to trial and in some cases, without prior notice to the alleged infringer. In addition to obtaining an order stopping the infringement and ordering destruction of infringing articles, the court can order payment of any provable damages, including lost profits. The copyright owner can elect to receive “Statutory damages”.

RA technology and the Magnum Group can and do take legal action to protect its interests.

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