Magnum Acoustics

Magnum Acoustics Digital Cinema Sound Loudspeakers
"a series of loudspeakers that offer a perfect combination of performance and value."

Magnum Acoustics have developed a series of loudspeakers aimed specifically at digitally equipped cinemas which also bring out the best in standard analogue cinemas. Extensive experience in both the hi-fi and high power markets gives the designers at Magnum Acoustics an invaluable insight into the needs of cinema loudspeaker systems. High quality sound reproduction and high power handling capabilities come as standard.

To achieve the high level of sound quality the designers took a fresh look at the concept of loudspeaker enclosure construction and drawing on experience gained from the design of hi-fi speakers they carefully analysed every aspect of the cabinets. For example, the radius applied to the front corners reduces cabinet edge diffraction, aiding a smooth transition accross the front sound stage and the carefuly flared reflex port openings reduces wind turbulence noise in the subwoofer.

As with the screen channel enclosures, the surround speakers are carefully designed down to the smallest detail, for example the grills are removable, without the need to undo any screws, to allow easy access to the front fitting drive units for field maintenance. The same hard wearing lacquer finish as used on the screen channel speakers is applied to the suround speakers and both types of cabinet are manufactured from the highest grade MDF. To aid the integration of the loudspeaker into the cinema auditorium and dispense with the unattractive black vinyl wrap boxes lining the walls, Magnum Acoustics will colour code the surround speakers to compliment the auditorium furnishings, which is a distinct advantage for the architectual specifier.

Magnum Acoustics have also developed and are the clear market leaders in cast resin loudspeaker enclosures and technology and have a very impressive client list. A new and innovative cast resin surround loudspeaker is now being developed and will offer standards of architectual finesse and a quality of sound unparalleled in the cinema industry.

Magnum Acoustics are dedicated to producing cinema loudspeaker systems which substantially increase the level of sound quality presented to the cinema audiences. With highly competitive pricing and the convenience of dealing direct with a UK based manufacturer.

Specification Highlights

- 50 years of loudspeaker excellence through associate company, Richard Allan International

- Approved for use in THX Theatres

Sound Quality
- Tonal accuracy and smooth, seamless transition across the left, centre and right stage speakers and out into the auditorium surrounds
- Designed to produce a maximally flat frequency response "straight from the box". The industry standard ISO 2969 curve is easily achieved by all speakers in the range with the minimum of equalisation.
- Involving, dynamic and exhilarating sound which involves the audience in an emotionally stimulating movie experience

Build Quality
- Cabinets manufactured from the highest grade materials enhance sound quality

Drive Units
- Top quality drive units designed for demanding digital signals
- Polyamide-imide coated copper voice coil on Kapton former for high power use
- High sensitivity figures increase sound level output whilst reducing instances of amplifier clipping

- Screen channel and subwoofer cabinets incorporate injection moulded interlocking corner protection fittings to prevent damage to cabinets and provide a method of securely stacking speakers for larger installations

- Drive units with cast alloy chassis tension bolted into cabinets from front ensure air tight fixing and aid easy field replacement
- Removable grill on surround speakers allows access to front fitting drive units for in-situ maintenance work
- Our Drive units fit other existing manufacturers cabinets for upgrade of currently installed loudspeaker systems

Architectural Consideration
- Colour coding of surround speakers to compliment auditorium decor
- Alternative surround speakers available in aesthetically shaped cast polyester resin enclosures. Cast polyester is acoustically inert to reduce cabinet induced colourations and the non-parallel sides eliminate unwanted standing waves, resulting in unrivalled enhanced sound quality

- UK based company providing excellent service and fast response times

Price Advantage
- Superior quality products available at extremely competitive prices

User Advantage
- Superb, unrivalled sound quality will aid cinema operators in the quest to gain a degree of brand loyalty and repeat custom

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