High quality vibration generators

VIBGEN have been manufacturing high quality Vibration Generators for over 20 years and have produced in excess of twenty thousand for use world-wide. Laboratory's, Schools, Engineers and Educational Institutions use vibration Generators for the study of low frequency standing waves and resonance in mechanical systems. Longitudinal and transverse waves can be studied in one and two-dimensional oscillations.

A special 3 Ohm high temperature voice coil system is suspended in a powerful magnet structure with symmetrical field design. This ensures that the valve coil maintains pure and linear axial movements at all times, and also provides considerable lateral rigidity to the output piston, even at high excursions.

The result is a highly efficient transducer capable of producing low frequency mechanical oscillations, with the ability to handle high elongations for long periods at its maximum rating.

wo 8mm sockets on a plastic mounted panel provide electrical input and a 2BA threaded shaft allows mechanical coupling for output.

The vibration generator has a neoprene foam base for free standing operation but can work in any position required, and can handle radial loads of up to 150 grams due to the output shafts lateral resistance.

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