Magnum Organ

MAGNUM ORGAN manufacture loudspeaker systems for Classical Pipeless Organs and have, during the last four years, undertaken a substantial research and development program in a bid to position itself at the forefront of the industry.

This has been achieved by utilising the skills of sister company Richard Allan International with 53 years continuous experience of Hi-Fi loudspeaker production together with another sister company Magnum Acoustics who have recently achieved Lucasfilm THX accreditation for Professional-range loudspeakers for use in Cinemas and Theatres.

This research and development program drew on the experience of The Bradford University Department of Computing Microcomputer Music Research Unit who have specialist knowledge of the synthesis of organ sound.

Our brief was to design and manufacture a total loudspeaker system which could produce uncoloured sound over the exceedingly wide frequency range required for organ tone (from 16Hz up to 20kHz), whilst having excellent transient response and a multi-directional sound distribution, as well as the ability to deliver sustained powerful signal. These features are necessary to ensure that the full complexity of the generated signal is reproduced accurately by the transducers, which is of tremendous importance to the pipeless organ voicer and to the sound of the instrument. In addition, the loudspeakers have to be of moderate size to allow for easy installation in difficult locations, of high efficiency to minimise amplifier power requirements, and of moderate cost, since each organ installation requires many loudspeakers to carry its different voices.

Our solution was to produce 2 speaker types. The first is used most for manual tone and for high pedal tone. Based on the famous Richard Allan RA8M which was originally developed by our sister company as a specialised monitor speaker for the BBC, this new organ speaker features Cobex cones with excellent transient response and good dispersion qualities, supplemented by multiple tweeters distributing sound through a range of 190 degrees horizontally and 190 degrees vertically. For the lowest frequencies, we have designed a special sub-woofer speaker of larger proportions.

Magnum Organ Loudspeakers have been used by organ manufacturers in a number of recent high profile installations, including The Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, Pershore Abbey and at the Sheldonian Theatre at Oxford University. The Oxford instrument uses 4 sub-woofers and 22 manual Loudspeaker units. It is unusual in that it can sound in a range of different historical styles (including 'English Cathedral' and 'French Romantic') and the Magnum Organ loudspeaker have proved to be suitable for the production and distribution of all the different sounds which are output through them.

For more details of our organ loudspeakers please contact us. If you are interested in a complete organ installation, utilising Magnum Organ Loudspeakers with the latest pipeless organ technology designed at the University of Bradford, please do get in touch with us - we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

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